Special care for sensitive newborn babies

Special care for sensitive newborn babies

Newborn babies under the age of 6 months have extremely sensitive skin and an even more sensitive immune system. Their skin can develop rashes or dry out if they come in contact with any rough substance. For this reason, it is extremely important to provide your little ones with special care during this time to keep them safe and healthy.


Babies generally develop rashes normally too, such as due to heat or drooling excessively. They are frequent victims of acne as well. So first and foremost, here’s how to figure out if your baby’s skin is more sensitive than normal.

If your baby has a skin reaction after

  • Coming in contact with soap during baths
  • Coming in contact with body lotion, especially a fragrant one
  • Changing diapers or clothes, especially if they’ve recently been washed with detergent

Then your baby may have extra-sensitive skin.


We’ve compiled some tips to help keep your kids protected from any adverse reactions.

Don’t bathe them too frequently

As counterintuitive as it may sound, bathing your baby too much during the first year of birth can do more harm than good. Excessive washing can rid the baby’s skin of natural oils, leaving it sensitive and dry. A better alternative is to give them a sponge bath twice or thrice a week.

Take extra care during baths

Keep the bath products fragrance-free and dye-free. For the most part, cleaning their mouth and diaper area with water is enough. You can also clean the skin folds around their armpits, thighs, groin and other areas with a washcloth.

Keep baby away from sunlight

Keep babies under 6 months of age away from direct sunlight. Dress them up in sun-protective clothes as well. It’s also normal for babies to experience dry skin occasionally, but if it gets too dry, you can use a little petroleum jelly on the area.

Deal with diaper issues

Newborn babies require a fresh diaper every 2 hours or so, or right after pooping. It is important to keep their bottoms clean and dry. But many times, harsh diapers can also lead to diaper rashes and chafing.

The Pro-ease Lovingle Luxury Diaper Pants feature a Cottony Dry Topsheet that is very soft and crafted for tender skin. They also have 2x Absorption Power* as regular diapers, an airy outersheet, and a diaper change indicator that changes colour as it fills up! All of this helps keep your baby dry, fresh, and rash-free at all times.

*Based on consumer studies and technical data by RSPL Ltd., in 2020, for similar sized products in the market. Results may vary for other sizes.

Look out for skin conditions

Lastly, remember to keep an eye out for any odd redness or scaling you might notice on the baby’s skin. In such a case, bathe the baby in lukewarm water with a fragrance-free cleanser and gently pat them dry without rubbing or scrubbing. Finally, put on some mild moisturising cream. Don’t forget to take your baby to a doctor for accurate medical advice.

With these simple tips, it should be much easier to care for your newborn baby’s sensitive needs!