Pro-ease Lovingle Luxury Diaper Pants is loaded with premium features – all of which every mother aspires for in her baby’s diaper.

Our main focus it to serve as a true companion in the beautiful journey of parenthood by providing you and your baby a world of luxury at the price of regular diapers.

Why Choose

2X Absorption*

One Lovingle Luxury Diaper, absorbs as much two ordinary diapers.

Cottony Dry Topsheet

Supersoft experience for baby's tender skin.

Diaper Change Indicator

The yellow strip changes colour to blue as the diaper fills up, so that you don’t have to check again and again for fear of leakage.

Easy throw tape

After a change, fold the pants and seal with the tape for easy disposal.

Airy Outersheet

Thousands of pores to let air circulate and release trapped heat without any leakage.

Added Surge Layer Protection

An extra layer that helps to keep wetness away from baby’s skin.

Advanced leakage protection

Comfort fit with gel lock technology and double layered leg cuffs which keeps wetness away.

Odour Control Technology

Fresh flowery fragrance to keep malodours away from your baby.

Indian Baby Shape Fit

Sag-free padded design, uniquely developed for Indian babies’ body shapes.

Choose The Best Fit

Pack of 2

New Born Diaper Pants

MRP ₹20

Pack of 9

New Born Diaper Pants

MRP ₹90

Pack of 32

New Born Diaper Pants

MRP ₹349

Parents’ favourite

“As a first-time mother, I am extremely worried and critical about the products I use for my baby. One of the best decisions I made was to try the Pro-ease Lovingle Luxury Diaper Pants. After trying "known brand" products, I realized how Pro-ease Lovingle Luxury Diaper Pants offered me an advantage in everything. I liked how the diaper felt and how the absorbent area almost reached my baby's waist. There was no leakage, and the diaper remained dry even when it was completely full.”
Deepika, mother of a 1-year-old, Delhi
“My sister has recommended that I use Pro-ease Lovingle Luxury Diaper Pants as her experience with Pro-ease Sanitary Pads was also very good. After using these diapers for 2 days, I realized the difference. Earlier, I always had to use 2 diapers at night because the diaper got full or started leaking, but that was not the case with Lovingle; I only had to use one. The best part was the Diaper Change Indicator feature, which helped me know it was time to change the diaper. Thanks to Lovingle, my baby was able to sleep soundly all night.”
Priyanka Chopra, mother of a 1.5-year-old, Chandigarh
“When it comes to selecting the perfect product for my child, I am extremely picky. These days, diapers are quite basic. I received a trial of the Pro-ease Lovingle Luxury Diaper Pants a while back, and after using it, I found it to be quite useful. It has a higher absorption rate and is incredibly soft and comfy. I am quite satisfied with the product.”
Preety, mother of a 15-month-old, Lucknow

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