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Medium Diaper Pants

PRICE : MRP ₹ 28

Are you still using 2 diapers at night?

Introducing Pro-ease Lovingle Luxury Diaper Pants with 2X Absorption Power*

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Product Features

2X  Absorption Power*

Absorbs twice as much as regular diapers and spreads urine equally, keeping the baby dry and rash free.

* Based on technical data by RSPL Ltd., in 2022, against similar sized products in the market.

Airy Outersheet

Thousands of air pores release trapped heat and allow better air circulation without leakage.

Cottony Dry Topsheet

Provides a super-soft experience for your baby’s sensitive skin.

Diaper Change Indicator

No fear of leakage-the yellow strip changes colour to blue when the diaper is full.